Your Office Space To Thrive

Welcome to the Nest Coworking Space

Nest Coworking Space is a space for small businesses and professionals to thrive; a place to work, connect, collaborate, learn, create, and engage with fellow dreamers, builders, and changemakers.

We believe that great things come through collaboration with others and building networks. Our open plan layout fuels a social culture where everyone can be driven and inspired by their surroundings and the people around them.

What drives us and our members?

Our nest of multidisciplinary professionals & creatives are specialists in their fields. They represent a diverse range of skill sets and knowledge, yet are like-minded people driven by the same energy and ethos: to collaborate, share and innovate together; to work hard, achieve and make a difference.


Where can you find us?

Membership Options

A workspace made for you

From freelancers to small business owners and their teams, our memberships options are diverse and ready to meet your needs.

Open Plan

A desk in the open workspace for you to call your own

Private Office

Private boutique offices for teams or individuals who need their own lockable space

Virtual Membership

Simple necessities for your business


Some of the company we keep


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